Odell Beckham Jr. vows to have one of his best seasons

The Browns didn’t trade receiver Odell Beckham Jr. this offseason. And based on Beckham’s expectations for 2020, the Browns will be glad that they didn’t.

“Right now what I’m trying to do is hit the reset button,” Beckham said in a video posted Monday via ESPN.com. “Being able to just get everything fixed. Shoulder, arms, back, everything aligned, functional, moving properly, so I can begin training to be ready for the season.

“I would honestly say this is probably going to be one of my best seasons. Bigger, stronger, faster — this my time.”

Beckham explained in the video that he tore “a little piece of my ab” in the third week of training camp, which resulted in Beckham having a “hernia” before the season began.

“So pretty much, I was just f–ked up the whole year,” Beckham said. “I really didn’t try and say anything about it. Probably one of the worst surgeries I’ve ever had. Recovery’s going well. Guess I’m really just trying to put my body back together. I’ve been playing for 23 years, so for me, I’m trying to put it all back together in seven months.”

A report emerged before the draft that the Browns were talking to the Vikings about a potential trade for Beckham. The Browns repeatedly denied the report in both on- and off-the-record remarks; whether that was enough to get Beckham to believe they weren’t talking about trading him (even if they were) remains to be seen.

Beckham generated 1,035 receiving yards in his first season with the Browns, a career low but for 2017, which was derailed by a broken ankle suffered early in the season. As the Browns break in yet another new coaching staff, Beckham continues to be a very potent weapon. Last year, however, endless talk about efforts to get the ball to Beckham may have (or did) place extra stress on quarterback Baker Mayfield.

This year, new coach Kevin Stefanski’s biggest challenge will be to make Beckham happy without trying too hard to get the ball to him and while otherwise running an offense that has plenty of quality components, including second-year running back Nick Chubb, who finished with nearly 1,500 yards rushing.

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