Texans to hire hygiene coordinator

If football is to return this fall before the COVID-19 pandemic is completely in the rear-view mirror, NFL teams will have to approach their operations with a different perspective than normal.

The Houston Texans are already looking into adding a new position to help their team adapt to such a reality.

According to Aaron Wilson of the Houston Chronicle, the Texans are planning to hire a hygiene coordinator that will be in charge of managing the conditions of the team’s practice facility.

The hire will oversee the team’s custodial staff and work in tandem with Harris County infrastructures to coordinate the cleanliness of NRG Stadium as well.

If a return to professional sports means accepting some level of inherent risk remains, finding a way to minimize the level of risk to as little as possible will be a key element to the equation. A position in charge of monitoring the sanitary practices at team facilities may be a smart investment for teams to make.

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